CE-marked aggregates

CE documents

Jussila Group supplies CE-marked aggregates

CE-marking has been compulsory for construction products since 1.7.2013. With the CE-marking the producer assures that the products fulfill certain quality criteria. The CE-marking is a guarantee of uniform quality of the product.

The CE-documents for the aggregates produced by Jussila Group can be found from the links below. Also the aggregates we supply from our co-operation network are CE-marked. The documents are either attached to the freight bills or are presented by request.

These CE-documents are in Finnish only.

Laurinautio SrM 0/16

Laurinautio SrM 0/32

Laurinautio SrM 0/56

Peltola production batch 1/2013:

Peltola KaM 0/16

Peltola KaM 0/32

Peltola KaM 0/63

Peltola KaM 0/90

Peltola production batch 1/2014:

Peltola KaM 0/16

Peltola KaM 0/32

Peltola KaM 0/56

Peltola KaM 16/32